OFIS - The Ontario Federation of Independent Schools - is a legally incorporated, duly constituted service association for independent schools, established in 1974....

      "Parents have a prior right to FREELY choose the kind of education that shall be given to their child" – 1948 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26, Section 3...

      Ready To Join? -?2019/20 Membership Applications are now available for download. Click here for details and application. Already a Member? Don’t forget to keep your membership current and renew by August 1st annually! Terminating Your OFIS Membership??Contact our office to complete the necessary form and avoid renewal fees!
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    The OFIS Charitable Trust

    Countless young lives are changed through encounters with great teachers. Great teachers inspire. The OFIS Charitable Trust seeks to improve the quality of education that is provided in Ontario’s independent schools. We support great teaching by providing financial assistance for the training of teachers and administrators who are employed or plan to be employed in schools that are not publicly funded. Visit The OFIS Trust page for more information

    From The OFIS Office

    OFIS Office Hours - Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm - Our staff are often out of the office working with members. Members may call or text the mobile number which is monitored regularly and returned within 48 hours of receipt. Members with emergent issues outside of office hours are urged to contact our staff by email    

    OFIS Webinars on Basecamp

    Throughout the covid-19 school closures we are offering free webinars and video conferences to support our members trough this challenging time. Topics and schedules can be found on our members forum on Basecamp.

    Interested in becoming an OFIS member? Contact us now for information!

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    COVID-19 (Cancellations)

    Due to COVID-19 all OFIS conferences and in-person Professional Development courses will be postponed until further notice.

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    Private schools reeling after being excluded from Canada's emergency wage subsidy

    In many provinces, private schools are seen as businesses or non-profits. Most provinces partially subsidize private schools, the main exception being Ontario



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    Independent Schools Should Be Encouraged, And Ontario Should Fund Them

    Hamilton Spectator - November 4 2018 - Doug Sikkema & Dr. Beth Green - Far from the common misconceptions, these private schools are helping young Ontarians become more socially engaged and more generous

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